Monday, January 24, 2011

Non-refundable ticket cancellation: Airlines to return money

Inside a big relief to air travellers, domestic airlines have agreed to refund passengers all prices barring the base fare if a non-refundable ticket is cancelled.

However, passengers can avail this facility only if they cancel their tickets two hours previous to the flight departure.

"At a working group meeting held recently, the airlines have agreed to refund passengers for non-refundable ticket as well.

"The civil aviation secretary has already sent instructions to all of the airlines in this regard,"Air Passenger Association of India (APAI) President D Sudhakar Reddy said.

The decision, that would offer succour towards passengers, was taken at a meeting of the working group of the Civil Aviation Economic Advisory Council which is heading into problems relating to bringing transparency in fixing of airfares and protect buyer interests.

Reddy, a member of the group representing passengers' interests, mentioned the airlines have also been told to appoint a nodal officer to especially deal with this sort of issues.

Apart inside the base fares, fuel surcharge, passenger support fee, user or airport development fee and taxes are another components that an airline charges inside the passengers.

As per the decision, all these components would be refunded in case of cancellation of the ticket.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the six-member Working Group, which comprises all stake holders— airlines, DGCA, buyer groups, market experts, of the Aviation Economic Advisory Council held on January 18 in New Delhi.

Besides passengers, the group comprises representatives of travel agents, Air India ane no-frill carrier IndiGo.

"After discussions, the DGCA gave a presentation towards Council as well as the Working Group on a problem right after which airlines agreed towards proposal," Reddy said.

Reddy mentioned that APAI has also demanded inside the government that it must do away of the support tax on tickets which it introduced inside the last budget.

"We have asked the government to abolish the support tax on air tickets because it is against the International Civil Aviation Organisation norms and not in line with international practice," Reddy said.
Source: DNA India
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