Thursday, October 28, 2010

Go Airways flight makes emergency landing

A Go Airways flight from Lucknow to Delhi Friday morning made emergency landing at Patna Airport due to bad weather.

The incident took place at Jai Prakash Narayan International Airport, Patna when the flight SG-352 was on its way from Lucknow to Delhi, the officials said. The flight was diverted to Patna after dense fog at Delhi airport.

All the passengers were exited safely from the flight after its landing at the airport.

No causalities or mishappening had occurred, the officials added.

The passengers created ruckus at the airport when there was no information about the next flight by the Airport Authorities.

It is mentioned that it was the third case of emergency landing in the last couple of days.
Source: Samay Live


  1. hmmm, it's a pity that this happened...
    maybe the department of transportation should checked it out...

  2. I guess passangers could have been a bit in panic. The crew must be very skilled in these situations. Happily I haven't experienced emergency landing, but if did I would be terrifies, especially after those bombs discovered in airplanes recently.

  3. These emergency landings should be observed. I guess people in position of the said airline should check first the weather before flying a plane. Great safety of passengers are of big risks.

  4. It's good to hear that all passengers and plane staffs were safe at the emergency landing of Go Airways flight. This is one of the instances that really happens and we can blame no one on this. If this incident will happen to us, all we have to do is to pray that you and other passengers will be safe.

  5. This was seems to be a common mistakes done by most airlines company. I think they need to give more attention to their security and rest assured that no one will be harmed because more innocent people are being affected by this kind of accident. Let's be thankful that all passengers were exited safely from the flight after its landing at the airport

  6. Isn't Go Air's code G8 and not SG?

  7. Hello, sometimes this type of incident can make your trip worst, most of the airlines making such silly mistakes. thank you for sharing this.

  8. Good thing no one's hurt and everyone on that flight was in good hands. It must be always observe that before flying a plane, officials should check first everything for the safety of their passengers, from the machine to the condition of the weather. It's no joke traveling to distant places with your life being at risk.

  9. It was a good news to the passengers as well as to their family and loved ones at home, that there were no casualties after that emergency landing. That, they were safe at Patna Airport. In my opinion, the best thing I guess to avoid this unexpected delays of flight schedule is to check the weather first... I think this is the first airline protocol if I am not mistaken. The airline should coordinate with the NASA for the condition of the weather. Maybe the passengers of the Go airways were just too lucky they landed safely. But to avoid future misfortunes and bad happenings, I think they should know what to do.


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