Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jet Airways criticised for 'encouraging' animal abuse

New Delhi: Jet Airways has been flooded with e-mails and calls following the September trouble of their inflight magazine, JetWings, printed an article on bull fighting. An animal rights organisation has written towards the airline, prompting the latter to apologise.

For NRIs, India has now arrived

The Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations mentioned in a statement Tuesday: 'We have been incredibly disturbed to see Jet Airways glorifying photographs of matadors tormenting bulls with banderillas sticking to their bleeding backs in their magazine.'

Responding towards the organisation's calls and e-mails, Manech Davar, executive publisher said: 'We do understand the elements raised by you and would not wish to find as an organisation and publication that encourages unjust endeavours. We assure you that there wouldn't be any more features on the same in JetWings.'

Luxury first-class flying

The organisation mentioned that in Spain, the Canary islands outlawed the sport of bull fighting way back in 1991, followed by Barcelona and Catalonia, which have been centres of this tradition.

'There is growing condemnation of bullfighting throughout Spain, across the EU and on the world,' the statement said.
Source: Sify


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