Friday, January 28, 2011

Flight grounded after fire scare

After becoming airborne for 10 minutes, a Hyderabad-bound flight with 27 passengers and 5 crewmembers had to build an emergency landing yesterday

A freak accident caught the city in the wee hours yesterday as the Kingfisher Airlines Bangalore-Hyderabad flight IT 4817 had to country back shortly after its take in off. The 27 passengers and 5 crewmembers on board have been reported safe and deplaned in the craft immediately. The flight that was scheduled to depart at 7.25 am was delayed due to a technical snag and took off at 7.40 am.

"An early boarding was announced and we had boarded the craft at about 7.05 am after which a technical snag was declared and we have been disembarked. Once in the bus we have been told the difficulty was resolved and boarded the craft again. 5 minutes after take in off the appropriate engine started out sputtering," stated a passenger.

"The passenger seated ahead of me called the airhostess for attention who in turn called the pilot. The appropriate engine was turned off and the flight had to build a landing back in Bangalore. No data regarding the technical difficulty or the turbulence that followed was announced," he added.

In an official statement from Mumbai, Prakash Mirpuri, VP, Corporate Communications, Kingfisher Airlines Limited, declared, "Shortly after the flights to Hyderabad took off from Bangalore, the commander received a warning alert. The cockpit crew took needed action as per established procedures and as a matter of abundant precaution decided to return to Bangalore immediately.

The aircraft, an ATR 72-500, landed safely in Bangalore at 8.40 am in which the 27 guests and 5 crewmembers have been promptly deplaned. The aircraft is becoming inspected thoroughly including a flight safety team will carry out a detailed investigation into this." A normal flier of the airlines said, "I fly at least as soon as or twice a month. I would even avoid Kingfisher flights if possible."
Source: Mid-Day


  1. It's good that was not any dangerous accident and flight has landed before happening any problem. Everybody shouldn't think that always avoid this flight because it was only an incident.

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  3. It is good news that flight grounded.Thanks to the pilot for his excellent work.

  4. I heard so many news about airlines and now I am so scared of flights as some or the other airlines are in problems.Now I am hearing that kingfisher is in loss and it might get collapsed with some airlines.Its very bad.

  5. Life of the passanger is always important so they should consider these things in mind and its nice things by the pilots of that plane.

  6. Now a day many such incidents have become common because of the negligenct towards the safety and people are travelling while their like is at stake.

  7. It really irritates many as these obstacle are now occuring very much because of lack of attention of airlines staff.Its good that pilot tookn the right decisions by doing this.


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