Friday, November 26, 2010

Jet Airways on a hiring mode

Mumbai: A controversy pops up among the two leading airline industries which include Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines wherein the latter has blamed the former of recruiting 50 Kingfisher benched pilots as co-pilots. Jet Airways denied the recruitment and commented that Kingfisher has voluntarily enable individuals pilots off due to no immediate requirement.

The Naresh Goyal controlled India's largest personalized carrier by marketplace share also plans to hire some experienced pilots as commanders within the competitor. The very first batch in the 29 benched pilots has already joined them. The airline has also confirmed the amount of pilots sent.

Due for the assumption of facing an opposition within the management, the airline has planned to maintain a meeting on 30th of November, so as to discuss the new recruitments. "How can we permit pilots to arrive and fly with us once our personal pilots aren't given their due, aren't promoted and the salaries have not been reinstated post the revival," stated a disgruntled pilot, who did not would like to be called due to the sensitivity in the matter.

Due to this kind of reactions, a huge opposition is expected within the serving pilots to your newly recruited pilots.
With the growing demand for air travel, Jet nevertheless has hiring plans as based on the marketplace estimates, Air travel is set to grow by 20-25% within the year ending March 31, 2011.

Although Jet leads with a marketplace share of 26.2% followed by Kingfisher of 19%, Jet Airways has had no choice but to hop pilots from its rivals Air India and Kingfisher since the manpower resources have not kept pace with its growth in aviation industries. Pilots must be trained with an experience of a few flying hours before their recruitment.

For the newly recruited pilots from Kingfisher, just a week's long training is adequate to your transition to fly Jet's A330 from Kingfisher's Airbus A320. As informed by the marketplace executives, Jet's management is looking forward to hiring around 300 much more commanders more than the next three years who have more than 3000 hours of flying experience,although the airline entirely declined to give the definite figure.
Source: Silicon India


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