Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kingfisher, BA enter code-sharing agreement

Kingfisher Airlines Monday said it has entered into a code sharing arrangement with British Airways (BA) under which both the carriers will use each other's flight network to and from India, Sri Lanka, Britain and Europe from Sep 15.

A code sharing agreement allows one airline to use another's flight code on its own ticket, thus allowing its passengers to travel on the other airline's flights. Such a move helps carriers to expand their network without actually incurring costs of deploying its own fleet.

"The codeshare with British Airways will mean that our guests from India will now be able to fly seamlessly to nine new European cities," said Vijay Mallya, chairman and chief executive, Kingfisher Airlines.

According to the airline, its code will be placed on nine BA routes from Heathrow to the British region and continental Europe, while BA's code will be placed on 11 domestic Indian routes and one route to Sri Lanka operated by Kingfisher Airlines.

This is the first time that BA has entered into a code sharing agreement with an Indian airline.


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